Temple of Freedom


cast:: Jakub Nepraš, Jan Kaláb, Michal Cimala, Roman Týc, Blanka Čermáková, Martin Káňa a další
script, camera, direction: Saša Dlouhý, Roman Vávra
editor:: Jakub Voves
script editor:: Jana Hádková
music:: Ondřej Skala aka Ježíš táhne na Berlín
sound:: Václav Flégl
animation:: Jan Zajíček

The story of the last period in the life cycle of a building in Prague´s District of Vysočany, and the creation of a significant centre on the cultural map of the Czech Republic. In his documentary, it was recorded the gradual development of an alternative centre for art, including the personal metamorphoses of the core actors who, as academic degree holders who recently graduated from artistic schools, took care of an industrial space and in a short period of time succeeded in transforming it into a living organism that became an arena for various cultural currents.

However, the originally clearly defined and time-limited project became affected by personal confrontations as well as the economic recession. No one who took part in the creation of Trafačka could have known what the end would one day be like…