is a platform for a creative approach to the sound and music in visual context. Our focus is videomapping, film, audio-visual interactive installations, as well as formats for TV commercials, internet and widescreen projections. We are also experienced with new forms of theatre. Our soundtrack was for example heard at the launch of new models of Fiat-Chrysler Automobile in Las Vegas; our music was a part of the multimedia installation in the Czech Olympic house in London during the Olympic Games 2012.


We have extensive experience in videomapping. We have designed the sound for more than twenty videomapping installations all around the world. The curators of the Austrian festival Ars Elekronika chose our projection Khora I as one of the most interesting pieces of work in 2013. The subject was called Expanded Animation.

In 2011 our  videomapping accompanied the opening ceremony of the brand new building of the Liverpool museum.

Ondřej Skala, as a member of the Macula group, was invited to participate as a juror in the international mapping competition Art Vision. This competition was part of the Circle of Light festival in Moscow.


We have composed music for six feature length films and one short documentary. The documentary Temple of freedom by Saša Dlouhý was nominated for Český lev awards in 2011. The film Girl Power got the main prize at Hamburg festival of music documentaries UNERHÖRT! in 2016.


We are co-authors of several interesting and innovative installations. Our installation at the Sharjah Light Festival in the United Araba Emirates could be proudly attributed to as the first interactive monumental videomapping in the world controlled by phones and tablets. It serves as a good example of the work we do.