Memories (D)


MEMORIES is a visualization of few personal memories of the artist.
Imagining that Memories are „stored” in a specific space, the artist unveils „the place” where these memories are actually created. Based on the nature of remembering, memories are always connected to something: a number, a word, a feeling. Using data visualization, viewing helpers, force field vectors, glitches and data mosh, László Zsolt Bordos generates abstract connections between his real memories and an imagined way of „how they are stored”. This „storage room” is a fragile place, due to the ability of forgetting, some memories might be lost forever, this way Memories become delicate and fragile entities of remembrance, they become something to take care of. In the reading of the artist, Glitches for example are a perfect way to visualize partially forgotten memories or lost thoughts. Or Data Mosh is a perfect way to create transitions between different memories. Hence the artist is not visualizing his personal memories in a narrative way, but an imaginative abstraction instead.

Concept and visuals: László Zsolt Bordos
Sound: Ondřej Skala
Curated by: Peter Weibel